Invited Speeches

Winter 2022/23 – early insights and Austrian stress test

USAID Workshop on Ressource Adequacy Assessment• Vienna, AT / December 2022

Operating Power Systems at High Non-Synchronous Renewable Generation Levels (Special Session)

International Conference on Renewable Energies and Smart Technologies (REST 2022)• Tirana, AL / July 2022

Examining how Europe’s regulatory unbundling rules will facilitate cross-border transmission and trading opportunities for energy storage and the flexible providers

10th Energy World Storage Forum• Berlin, DE / May 2017

South-East Europe: Overview of trading specifics with production structure and planned investments

En.Trading-015 Conference• Belgrade, SR / September 2015

eBADGE – Development of Novel ICT tools for integrated Balancing Market Enabling Aggregated Demand Response and Distributed Generation Capacity

European Forum on Grid Integration & Electricity Ancillary Services• Berlin, DE / June 2015

Future electricity market model and wholesale electricity price analysis in South-East Europe

Energy Trading Week Central and Eastern Europe• Vienna, AT / April 2015

Possibility for the integration of DSM in the ancillary services mechanism

ENTSO-E Workshop on Demand-Side Management• Dublin, IR / April 2013

Virtual power plants (VPP) and demand-side management (DSM): Inclusion within balancing markets

3rd Annual European Electricity Ancillary Services & Grid Integration Forum• Berlin, DE / September 2012

South-East Europe: Electricity markets and price volatility

Re:energy conference: Sustainable Energy for Sustainable Future• Belgrade, SR / April 2012

Financing and Grid Economics: “Planning of transmission network expansion under the market environment”

RES Grid Integration & Investment Forum: Securing EU Market Integration, Infrastructure Investments and Feed-In Tariff Opportunities• Amsterdam, NL / January 2011