Milan Vukasovic (born 1981 in Sarajevo, BiH) received his Dipl-Ing. and MSc. in Electrical Engineering, both from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Podgorica, Montenegro. After gaining valuable experience in real-time transmission system operation in CGES (Cronogorski Elektroenergetski Sistem), he moves to Austria at the end of 2007 where he starts to work as the Project Manager in the Market Management Department of the Austrian Power Grid AG (APG). He currently leads a team of 10 employees in the System Operations Department, within the same company.

In the last ten years, Milan has been engaged in the implementation of the most important European energy market projects. His main interests are in the electricity markets, load-flow analysis and energy market simulation, congestion management, demand-side response, home automation and computer applications in the power systems. He is co-convener of the regional ENTSO-E market Task Force (TF) in South-East Europe as well as being the Chairman of the RD&CT Cost-Sharing PT within the Core CCR (Capacity Calculation Regions).

He published numerous scientific papers and articles in various international high-ranked journals and conference proceedings (see excerpt in the text below).

Hobbies: Web development & design, home automation (mainly with the raspberry pi), travelling and basketball. Interested in journalism (being the radio editor and host of the momentum radio show), DJ-ing and vinyl collection.